• Portrait of a Hollywood Dressing Room
    10 January - 29 February
    Fashion by Appointment
  • Robert Best for Studio P.H. 8442


    Within nearly every grown woman is a little girl whose introduction into the enchanting world of feminine allure was inspired by Barbie. Barbie was – and remains – the ultimate glamour girl, the Queen of Dress-Up; her fashion prowess undeniable, her dress and shoe collections extravagant, her long locks luxurious (excepting the outcome of a kid-brother-with-scissors incident, which is a story for another day).

    Who better, then, to illustrate the opening of Studio P.H. 8442’s premier fashion installation, Portrait of a Hollywood Dressing Room, than famed artist and Barbie designer Robert Best? The creative force behind the Barbie Fashion Model Collection, Best’s work is instantly recognizable and inherently glamorous. Rooted in the romance and elegance of the 50’s and 60’s, his aesthetic is influenced by his love affair with vintage fashion and black and white films.

    The wordless grace and charm of Best’s series of illustrations perfectly captures the “art of dressing” celebrated at the Studio. The original sketches are featured within the Portrait of a Hollywood Dressing Room installation, alongside never-before-seen pieces from the Barbie Fashion Model “Atelier” collection for Spring 2012.

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